Water Therapy ( Pool )

The Intervention in the pool is the predominant context where the A.T.D.R.A. approach works. Each session will be structured and returned periodically to the supervisor and the family.


The water element is considered in the A.T.D.R.A approach, the "Mother" (archetypal container), it is able to embrace everything and everyone shaping itself, because of its fluid features.


In the water we are contained but at the same time free and so light in our movements, just like when we are in our mother hug, defined by Winnicott "Holding". Through the "Holding" the mother, in her ordinary loving care of her own baby, protects her baby without impede the child to experiment, in order to make him/her able to independently feel and experience; because of its flow and ability to shape itself around others, the water can be considered the first container. The water offers a perfect holding, changing its condition (status) based on the action of the external agents protecting and containing all the immersed things.


Few fundamental aspects are the base of the A.T.D.R.A. approach:


a) welcoming and supporting the family;

sharing the therapeutic goals with the parents


b) living  a very strong empathetic "feeling" towards parents and kids we treat

c) making the parents involved in our therapies

d) exploiting the water archetypical characteristics as a fundamental element of the therapy on land as well


e) offering a constant supervision of the therapeutic paths in order to keep high qualitative standards



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