A.T.D.R.A. operates in a therapeutic setting directly towards the individuals affected by the disorder, or with a more educational approach giving support to the families in their daily life contexts.

The principle focus of the approach is welcoming parents offering them instruments to better understand their children, trying to go beyond the diagnostic label, in this specific case "Pervasive Developmental Disorder". The definition of such disorder, highlights accentuated difficulties, deficits, and oddness, showed behaviorally, describing autism as a behavioral syndrome.

A.T.D.R.A. offers a new perspective on the autistic "functioning", considering behavior like a mouth to say something very important; according to this idea, our philosophy sees stereotypes in a very positive way, as channels to work through.

A.T.D.R.A. does not put any limits to the variety of settings where the approach can be applied. A.T.D.R.A. was born in the water of the pools and it developed in the sea through the application of the surfing-therapy "Surfing voice".

This approach finds as much efficacy in each setting where there is a high level of motivation from the treated child, in a play room, or outside into the ocean, or pool or in a garden with animals, the  important factor is the methodology of the approach that has to be followed coherently in each setting.

The network that this approach hopes to reach, sees the hope and desire to operate in more regions, through synergy and harmony, to offer support and tools to the families that have children with a disorder. The support will be given through collaboration, with a constant supervision upon who operates and about the process of therapy.



Associazione "For-You A.T.D.R.A."


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