Surfing -Therapy
"Surfing Voice"

The Surfing-Therapy "Surfing Voice" is an applicable instrument of A.T.D.R.A. approach; like our pool-therapy, it takes advantage of the peculiarities of the water, using the waves and surfing as a therapeutic tools that highly motivate the person.


It's the first form of  surfing-therapy in Italy and in some ways in the world. It is different from the few existing surfing-therapies.

These realities of surfing-therapies use the emotion that arises by surfing a wave, to alleviate the disadvantage and strengthen the self-esteem; our "Surfing Voice" intervenes adding to the general application, attention and individualized modalities, that are shaped around each person and the different dysfunctions or pathologies they present.


The sessions are conducted uniquely by ATDRA therapists, trained on the approach, monitored, and supervised. Each therapeutic path is personalized and structured around the traits of the person and it is directed towards goals shared with the family, that has an active role in the process.


Surfing -Therapy
"Surfing Voice"

Surfing Voice surf-camps offer to families and children great moments where they can share and live a great experience, having fun! 

Parents and children in the water are experiencing a new different therapeutic approach that puts emphasis on the relationship between family members.
During our surfcamps each child has the opportunity to confront him/herself with the others of the group, in a real shared game, creating a positive and protected microcosm they can learn from.

In the water we work on regulation, relationship and communication, exploiting the peculiar characteristic of the wave, we can train the kids to be absolutely in the "here and now"; our surfing-therapy is the ultimate instrument to work on kid's connection to the world.

Our organization offers surfcamps in Italy and oveseas, in order to unite familes with the same needs, spreading a positive culture and a strong awareness on diversity according to ATDRA view.



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