Organization For You-A.T.D.R.A.

For-You A.T.D.R.A. is a scientific cultural organization that focuses on helping and supporting families and individuals with psychological disorders.


Specifically our organization treats Autism, through the A.T.D.R.A. method, by a training for parents, teachers and professionals that deal with the person with disorder, or that are inclined to become volunteers or operators of the association For-You A.T.D.R.A., during the therapeutic session with the individuals and during the sessions with the families. 

Our intervention can be seen through different steps:


a) creating aware microcosms in order to recognize the potential of the child to allow him/her to learn, experiment, embracing the families and planning an intervention with observations of the dynamics in  different settings, forming parents, caregivers, teachers, and operators/therapists.


An important aspect of the individualized intervention is the collaborative nature of working in a team, to allow the child to feel recognized in the every day life and at the same time to feel able to "learn" and grow thanks to the approach that focuses on his strengths.


b) working therapeutically with the child on objectives, (shared with the familiy), finalized on reaching skills and abilities that help the identification of his/her potential, often hidden or obfuscated by anxious behavioral techniques that the subject puts in place and establishes as the modality of "being";

shaping and training therapists.

Our research, supported by the quantity of material and evaluations of the therapeutic processes, shared between the A.T.D.R.A. network with therapists and families, brings a scientific value to our work.



Associazione "For-You A.T.D.R.A."


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