"The symptom is a message that comes from a need and becomes a strategy..."

A.T.D.R.A. stands for Dynamic Relational Therapeutic Approach (created in the water), created and elaborated by Dr. Antonio Rinaldi, through his respectful vision of the uniqueness of each individual. This approach treats specifically Autism and developmental disorders that can occur during growth. A.T.D.R.A. embraces different targets.


​A.T.D.R.A. is an evolutive approach that focuses on the early-childhood stages, considering the emotional and relational dimension of the child as the principle fulcrum of intervention.


This method involves the parental figures, as an active part in the session, to strengthen their relationship with the kids and make them aware of their kids needs.

​We work with parents in order to help kids...the happier parents are the better it is for children!


Associazione "For-You A.T.D.R.A."


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